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aluminum roll up door and windows shutter on China WDMA

    Product Description   Comfort, Security, Privacy, Storm Protection & Energy Savings – All at the touch of a button.   If you are concerned with protecting your family and home fromdamaging storms, the sun's intense UV rays and reducing your home's heating and cooling cost, then you realize the importance of window and home opening protection.   Rolling shutters provide peace of mind all the while enhancing your lifestyle. Complement your home’s decor while providing an added measure of security and privacy. You can now protect your home from Mother Nature and secure it automatically.Reduce noise, manage artificial light, and optimize energy efficiency with the confidence and convenience that only rolling shutters can provide.    Slats option:(we also offer oem service,can make slats as your sample or drawing)     Shutter composition        AOJ havs improved some parts of the shutters     Installation option        Company Information  Chinese highest quality Roller Shutter products guaranteed! AoJ...
color :
Dark Grey

China Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association


Product Description


Comfort, Security, Privacy, Storm Protection & Energy Savings – All at the touch of a button.


If you are concerned with protecting your family and home fromdamaging storms, the sun's intense UV rays and reducing your home's heating and cooling cost, then you realize the importance of window and home opening protection.


Rolling shutters provide peace of mind all the while enhancing your lifestyle. Complement your home’s decor while providing an added measure of security and privacy. You can now protect your home from Mother Nature and secure it automatically.Reduce noisemanage artificial light, and optimize energy efficiency with the confidence and convenience that only rolling shutters can provide.


 Slats option:(we also offer oem service,can make slats as your sample or drawing)


aluminum  roll up door and windows shutter


Shutter composition



   aluminum  roll up door and windows shutter

AOJ havs improved some parts of the shutters


aluminum  roll up door and windows shutter  

Installation option


aluminum  roll up door and windows shutter   

Company Information

 Chinese highest quality Roller Shutter products guaranteed!

AoJ has been manufacturing and installing Aluminum Roller Shutters for over 15 years. 


Our range of Home Security Shutters offer maximum protection of your home, valuables and family. 


Our Roller Shutters and Louvre Systems provide the highest quality protection from heat, cold, glare, 

noise,light, bushfire, fire, intruders, burglars, breakins, privacy, storm and cyclone. 


Our Commercial Security Shutters are suited to a wide range of commercial applications including 

street and shopping mall shopfronts as well as banks, schools, hospitals, office blocks.



  aluminum  roll up door and windows shutter
Packaging & Shipping


ready made

shutter packing


the shutter less than 2m width will packing in carton case.

If bigger we will pack them in plywood case.

The plywood is free of fumigation.


shutter accessories


The slats,side rails,bottom slat will warped by plastic film.

The small parts will packed in carton box

Each package will have lable mark for easy sorting out.


FCL shipment

We are one and half hour by car from Shanghai.

Full container order will get free freight to shanghai port.

We have long terms cooperated ship agent in Shanghai,and have competitive price on shipment.

LCL shipment

By air or by boat is both ok.

Some port can be free of charge.

Any Return shipping charges will be the buyer`s responsibility.


Our Services


1, No minium order quantity for First order to easier quality checked by customers.
2,All customers go by material can get our free assist on assembling,installation,etc.
3,All products are well packed and aborative tested before shipment.
4,Free training support: any go by material customers who wants to set up their own factory to make roller shutters can apply free training service.






Are they installed on the inside or the outside of the building?
Shutters are installed on the outside but are controlled from inside. Occasionally perhaps due to body corporate or council restrictions they can be installed on the inside. Outside is preferable and usual.

Are they operated from inside or outside?
They are operated from inside either manually (handle winding mechanism) or electrically (turn a switch like a dimmer used for lighting). You do not have to go outside to pull them up or down.
What are they made of?
All our security window and door shutters are made from aluminium. This means they won't rust and the powdercoated finish will remain looking good for a very long time.
Can they be locked?
Yes. You can have keylocks fitted which we recommend on manually operated shutters. Keylocks are not usually fitted to electric shutters as it is set to lock automatically.
Can they be tilted like venetians?
No. They roll up and down in vertical tracks. Our plantation shutters can be tilted.
How much heat do they keep out?
Shutters will keep out approximately 90% of the heat gain through your windows. The trick is to have something on the outside preventing the heat permeating the glass and roller shutters are terrific in this regard.
How secure are they?
The greatest asset of shutters is their deterrent value for break ins. As well they are a strong physical barrier. The time taken and noise created in attempting a breakin through a roller shutter is a very big deterrent.
Are there standard sizes?
No. Each shutter is custom made to suit your application.
What about colour range?
No problem. We have a standard range of colours and extruded shutters in our range can be powdercoated to any colour.

Why are shutters better value for money than bars?

are easily opened for exit in case of fire - very big safety point against fixed bars

don't make you feel like you are in a prison

allow you free access to the windows for cleaning the glass

are more attractive and unobtrusive on the house

more versatile because you control their use

provide insulation from the heat in summer and cold in winter

give privacy


have any more questions?

please contact our export manager Mr Anshely.(who has been working on roller shutter business for 9 years)



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