How many double glazed windows products in Double Glazed Windows?

601 double glazed windows products found in the collection of Double Glazed Windows on China WDMA.

What is a double glazed window?
By double glazed windows, we are saying glass windows with two sheets of insulated glass units (IGU) separated by an aluminum spacer filled with desiccant . Each glass pane is 5 or 6 mm thick, with an aluminum spacer and filled with air or gas to feature good energy efficiency and great soundproof and strength. Double glazed windows are frequently used in modern housing for both classic and contemporary styles.
How could I make my double glazed windows more energy efficient?
With single glazed windows, there are limited ways to improve its energy efficiency, perhaps you could have low-e coatings. Double glazed windows are with an aluminum spacer set between the glass pane to improve the soundproof, heat insulation performance and security . And if we change the aluminum spacer into warm edge spacer, which is made of non-mental materials, we reduce the heat transfer of aluminum. Instead of air, we could pump into gas like argon or krypton to filled into the two glass panes to reduce the heat transfer. Low-e coating, warm edge spacer, gas filled are some of commonly-used ways to improve the overall energy efficiency, without making the glass options into laminated glass or triple glass.
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