How many casement window products in Casement Window?

1363 casement window products found in the collection of Casement Window on China WDMA.

What is a casement window?
A casement window is a window type that it swings open horizontally like a door. It usually hinged at one side and open for maximum ventilation and unobstructed view. Casement window are modern. Casement windows could be classified into American style casement window and Germany style casement windows. American style windows usually open outward with a crank rotating in the bottom and a latch to lock at the side. And they usually go with duplex colonial style grilles. Germany style casement windows open inward or outward by a handle pushing out.
What are standard size of casement windows?
Casement windows are classic window type in American housing. The standard casement window sizes go from 14 inches (356mm) to 35.5 inches(902mm) for width, and their height goes from 29.5 inches(749mm) to 77.5 inches (1969 mm). If your rough opening are within the scope, then they are standard casement window size.
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