What are tilt & turn windows?
Tilt turn windows are Germany style windows with two ways of opening by different positions of the handle. When you turn the handle 90 degrees, the sash swings open inward like a door, it’s casement window. When you turn the handle 180 degrees, the sash tilts from the top to allow for a gap about 15 cm for gentle ventilation, then it’s a hopper window. Tilt and turn windows combine the benefits of both casement and hopper windows. They are energy efficient and secure and practical.
What are the benefits of tilt and turn windows?
Tilt turn windows are modern and practical. It could be swing open for the maximum ventilation. When they close, the sash pushes tight against the weatherstrip to provide good sealing and reduce the energy flow. When at night or rainy hours, you could turn the window into tilt mode, it allows for small amount of the ventilation, even in rainy days. And it could be egress window in case of emergency.
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