What is a bifold window?
Bifold windows are like mini bifold doors, they fold to one side to allow for the maximum ventilation and unobstructed view. Bifold windows have two panels or more to slide horizontally and fold to one side without taking up any interior space and bring the interior space and exterior space together. And they provide egress requirement in case of emergency.
How much is a bifold window?
The price of bifold windows are varied from sizes to sizes. Its width usually starts with 1000 mm and up to 1500mm and its height ranges from 1400mm to 3600mm. The wider, the higher, it costs more. A bifold window costs from $ 950 to $ 2500 and it varies from suppliers to suppliers. China WDMA windows tends to provide the lowest best pricing with the same specification as we cooperate with 20 afferent scales of factories.
Are bifold windows expensive?
Bifold windows are creative and well-designed. They are modern and bring the interior space and exterior space. Bifold windows are kind of cost more.
Why are bifold windows so expensive?
The price of bifold windows depends on its frame material and sizes. The wider, the taller, window costs more. Due to the complicated manufacturing process of bifold windows, they cost more.
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