How many double hung window products in Double Hung Window?

404 double hung window products found in the collection of Double Hung Window on China WDMA.

What are double hung windows?
A double hung window, or double hung sash window, is a vertical sliding windows with two equal sash slide up and down on the track. They usually lock in the meeting rails with a crescent lock. If the top sash is fixed, it’s called single hung windows. The two sashes could be tilted interior to allow for easy cleaning on both interior and exterior sides. Double hung windows are designed to freely control the amount of ventilation.
How much do double hung windows cost?
Usually uPVC double hung windows range from $ 115 to $ 369 per window, and it varies from suppliers to suppliers. And aluminum and wood double hung is more expensive. China WDMA windows is a window association with over 20 different scales of factories. We tend to provide more competitive pricing to bring out more possibilities for every project.
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