What is a composite window?
Wood windows are energy efficient and beautiful, however, wood windows might rot and require maintenance. If we apply aluminum clad on wood from exterior, aluminum provides great protection to the wood, thus it remains the beauty of wood windows and combines the benefits of aluminum windows. Composite windows include aluminum clad wood windows and wood clad aluminum windows. Aluminum clad wood windows, or wood alu-clad windows, are wood windows with exterior aluminum cladding. Wood clad aluminum windows are thermal break aluminum windows with interior aluminum cladding. Composite windows bring the benefits of both wood windows and aluminum windows.
Are composite windows better than vinyl windows?
Composite windows own the benefits of both wood windows and aluminum windows, they remain the energy efficiency and beauty of wood windows and the flexibility and maintenance-free of aluminum windows. Vinyl window are energy efficient, but except pricing, their energy efficiency rate and beauty and others are far behind composite windows.
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