Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
WDMA is a factory-founded platform. The ecommerce and export affairs shall be handled by WDMA (Beijing) Technology Co., ltd.
What are your main products?
We are able to supply ready made products with standard sizes and customized products due to your project needs. We own different scales of the factories and are able to provide different stages of quality products to meet various budgetary needs.
What’s your price for one square meter?
Price depends on customers’ specific requirements on frame material, shop drawing, opening ways, dimensions, quantity and glass type and hardware and others.
Why do you think your price is competitive?
What we try to BEST PRICE GUARANTEE to every of our client. With the same specifications and quality, we tend to offer more competitive pricing and most elaborate design and ship the products from our factories directly to your job sites.
What kind of service will you provide?
We provide professional pre-sales and after-sales to provide you professional service for beginning to ending. They include but not limit to CAD drawing, quotation, pictures or videos during manufacturing, installation guide, etc.
Are your products Certificated?
Yes, we provide general quality products and certificated products to satisfy different clients’ needs.
How long is your delivery time and shipping period?
We usually need 30 days for manufacturing products after deposit is paid and drawing is confirmed and another 30 days for shipping to the destinations if everything is going normally. If it meets holidays or other festivals, it might delay a few days.
What is your terms of payment?
When the total value is not more than $5, 000 USD, 100 % full payment is required. When it’s over $5,000, we require 50% deposit in advance for production and balance before shipping.
What trade term can you offer?
We usually offer EXW, FOB, CIF those typical trade terms, others like DAT or DDU is negotiable.
What payment do you accept?
The payment we accept are followed: L/C, D/A, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram payments, etc.
Will we need to install the glass (onsite glazed) or do your windows come with the glass installed?
We usually install glass in the door and windows before packing and shipping, so when our clients receive them , they could just easily install them. But for some big windows or doors, such as over 3 square meters in one single windows or doors, we might suggest the glass be installed at job site.
We must achieve U = 0.25 for exterior windows and French doors. Can you achieve that level of insulation with double panes, or will that require triple pane windows?
Double panes could achieve that U value, But according to my experience, We recommend triple panes, Which could surpass that U value: 0.25.
How long is your warranty for your products? What do we do in case of problems?
We usually offer 10 years warranty on our products and it varies for hardware or glazing. In case of quality problem, we will analyse the reason of problems, then deliver the replacement parts according to the cause.
Where we have specified tempered glass requirements for windows, will you be able to label the tempered windows on the glass, to satisfy USA regulatory requirements?
Please don't worry about that. All glass units used on our windows will be Fully tempered glass for better durability and safty, and there will be some labels on the glass for sure. We knew how to satisfy USA Regulatory requirements and meet the USA Building code.
Can you manufacture casement windows without the cranks (like French style casement windows, that are simply pushed out by hand)?
The Answer is Positive. As a professional manufacturer of windows and doors, especially for North America and Europe High-end Market, We must have a lot of options to meet various client's requirements.
Do you offer ‘true divided light’ windows, or just the simulated divided lights with different grid options listed on your web site?
According to our experience with US Clients, We usually provide the FULL DIVIDED LITE GRILLE for them, which is similar with the true divided light.
What is the cost difference for each option of true divided lights vs. simulated divided lights?
The full divided lite grilles cost expensive than simulated divided lights. Especially for triple panes.
I noticed that you offer grid (muntin) thicknesses of 3/4” and 1” on your website. Do you also offer 1 ¼“ thick muntins or grids?
The grid( muntin ) would be customer made.
.Can you paint the wooden window interiors in your factory for us? If so, how can we specify the colors, and how much will this cost?
As a professional manufacturer, We Definitely could paint the wooden windows to be any color you want. Option1: You send us the color sample you want, then we paint as per your colors. Secondly, You could tell us the color you want, then we paint and send to you for further checking and approval.
What is the price differential for ordering unfinished oak finishes on the interior of windows, vs. painted interiors?
As far as I knew, The cost difference between finished and unfinished in the USA Market is really large. But for us, almost the same as each other. The cost difference could ignored. Better for us provide the finished one. The cost is only 25~40usd per sqm.
As an alternative to aluminum exterior cladding, do you offer copper cladding on the exterior?
The answer is for sure, We could provide the Copper materials cladding, but that would cost expensive than aluminum. Not recommend. However, We could make the aluminum finishing to be copper finishing, similar looking, but economic for you.
Does your paint contain lead? Do you have any documentation about the potential chemical/environmental hazards of your door and window products?
Our paint is totally Environmental Friendly, Water based painting, From Germany famous brand. Brand Name: Zobel( / Rhenocoll( Please check their website and you will learn more.
Andersen, Pella and others build their French-style casement windows with the extra vertical windstop on the outside of the window, so it is less conspicuous (see yellow-circled section below). Can you build yours on the outside as well?
In the photograph, that wind stop looks a bit odd. For our French style casement window, The mullion is usually on the inside.
How quickly can you manufacture and ship the doors and windows?
It will take around 35~45 days for us to finish all windows and doors from the date of receiving the down payment and approved drawings with signature. The shipping time is 15~18 days from China seaport to U.S West coast , such Seattle, LA, San Francisco.
How can we arrange to receive or inspect some samples of your casement windows to evaluate the quality and workmanship?
You could select one from the windows list and then we make them according to your requirements. After finishing the sample, We will send to you for quality testing and performance checking.
Do you have logistics and shipping companies that you like to work with for sending materials to the USA? Can you offer any assistance in shipping the materials to us through the port of Seattle or the Port of Tacoma?
Definitely could arrange the shipping for you, and send all to USA. Also, our shipping agent could assist you to ship them to your job site.
Can you provide shipping cost estimates with your cost summary?
As per my experience with California Client, The shipping cost is not so much compared to the goods value. Please contact us and we will check with our shipping company and let you know the estimates.
Do you collect any taxes or duties with our purchase?
Of course, We don't collect any taxes or duties for your purchase. The U.S Customs will do that.
How to deliver and install bi-fold door?
When folding door is produced, debugging and testing first before they leave the factory, then all frame and door panels and the hardware will be installed. When debugging is completed and testing qualified, separate door frame and door panels, then packing. So When you received the folding door, the installation work is very easy , only fixed frame, connecting door hinge, installation of hand, sealant. But the folding door is too heavy and requires 3 people to complete it, two to hold it and one to fix it. For windows only need to install the hand and be fixed, glass and hardware are installed in the factory, except the big panels. The installation is not complicated, but they needs to be lifted and moved.
Are we tropical, use aluminum or thermal break aluminum doors and windows?
The PA66 in the middle of the thermal break aluminum improves the heat conduction performance of aluminum. Its function is to heat insulation and heat preservation. The wider the PA66 strip, the better the heat insulation performance you will have. Thermal Break aluminum can not only reduce outdoor heat conduction into the house, but also reduce outdoor cold air into the room. So not only cold climate but also hot climate need thermal break aluminum.
What type glass should I choose?
Glass is very important for the insulation performance of doors and Windows, we choose Low light transmittance and low-E glass for tropical North America, which can fully meet the standards of American Energy Star. For cold place, triple low-e glass with warm edge spacer will be better. In terms of performance, please rest assured that. We are experts in Windows and doors. The first thing we do is to analyze the climatic conditions in your area and select suitable glass and frame materials.