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2017 Latest Design French style PVC sliding window with grills on China WDMA

Product Description Pvc window is made from pvc frame + different kinds of tempered glass .* The Profile : VEKA .LG .CONCH .SHIDE HUAZHIJIE for your choice. *Glass: 5mm single glass .5mm+9A+5mm double glass . 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm Laminated glass . or 6mm+0.76PVB +6mm+0.76PVB +6mm Triple bullet-proof glass*Pvc window have better thermal...
Type :

China Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association

Product Description

Pvc window is made from pvc frame + different kinds of tempered glass .
* The Profile : VEKA .LG .CONCH .SHIDE HUAZHIJIE for your choice.
*Glass: 5mm single glass .5mm+9A+5mm double glass . 5mm+0.76PVB+5mm Laminated glass . or 6mm+0.76PVB +6mm+0.76PVB +6mm
Triple bullet-proof glass
*Pvc window have better thermal insulation (K <2.5(m·K) )

Product Type:
pvc/upvc sliding window
pvc/upvc frame +Glass
white or wooden color
thickness of profile:
2.2mm  2.5mm  2.8mm 
Thermal Insulation
customized as per request
single . double or triple temperd glass . Tinted glass . Laminated glass
ROTO(Germany Brand) or Chinese Top Brand 
Hardware show
Company Profile

We major in pvc/upvc window and door .Aluminum window and door . Certain Wall project etc . we have one production line for each pvc/upvc and aluminum window and door, and curtain wall.With an annual capacity of 100,000 square meters. Zhiyi adhering to the quality of products for the pursuit of perfection, the introduction of Germany's advanced production equipment and production supporting system, including the main processing equipment are CNC equipment,with a high degree of automation and very high processing accuracy. We have more than 50 production and installation workers, with 8 professional engineers who have more than 10 years experience in window, door and curtain wall field. And 80% of the production and installation workers have 5 years' experience in this field.     

Our Advantages

15 years experience

Quality guarantee

24-hour service

Packing & Delivery

Custom packaging


Loading and delivery

Q1: Are there any problems with the glass inside? Having steam or going foggy? As
this will be a real problem .

A: Usually, we use 5mm+6A+5mm double glass, you can take easy. Our double glass is made
professionally, no steam or going foggy between the double glass.

Q2: All these doors and windows come with frames to mount on walls?

A: Yes, all the doors & windows include frames. Installing the windows and doors on wall is OK.

Q3: The glass is broken with no reason, I’m afraid the rest will be broken.

A: The glass would be broken only because suffering from the impact force, but it won’t break itself.

Q4: Can i use 6mm single glass instead of 5mm double glass?

A: It is better to use 5mm double glass, because :

A )Sliding door looks ugly with single glass. There is a wide space for glass, if you use
single glass, we will fill so much silicon in it.

B) 5mm double glass is safer than 6mm single glass.

C ) 5mm double glass is more soundproof than 6mm single glass.

Q5: Can you use rubber instead of glass silicon?

A: Yes, but it just can be one side, the other side has to be glass silicon. Because it is not
strong enough to use double rubber. And it is easier to fall off than the glass silicon.

Q6: What is the difference between the 90 degree and 45 degree connecting?

A: There are 90 degree and 45 degree corner connecting. 90 degree window is connected by
screw, and we assemble the 45 degree window by corner brace. The 45 degree corner
connecting window is new style, which is easy to overhaul.

Q7: Do you know what is U-value?

A: Yes, it simply means that every degree of temperature difference between a hotter air
space and a colder air space, the heat energy will transfer per sq.m to the colder air space.
For example, let say your house has a ceiling area of 100sqm, the difference in temp is
30deg, and the amount of watts you pay for consume is 6000w. Then the U-value is
6000w/100m * 30k=2w/(m *k).

Q8: What type of fly screen you could supply?

A: We have three styles of fly screen. One is roller style for casement window ,one is sliding

style for sliding window and door, and the last one is folding style for casement door.
Besides, the fly screen is made of 3 different materials, namely nylon, steel and Kingkong net.

Q9: PVC and aluminum, which is better?

A: It’s hard to simply say one is better. Each one has its advantages. PVC is good at
insulation and more economic. Aluminum is better in hardness and security.

Q10: What kinds of packing do you have?

A: There are three kinds of packing, such as bubble bag, bubble bag + wooden frame,bubble
bag + wooden case. If full container, we advise to use bubble bag, it can save more space
and hold more goods in the same container. Usually, the packing is bubble bag + wooden
frame. The best packing is bubble bag + wooden case, some bulk cargo and some developed
countries, such as USA, Australia and some countries in Europe,need wooden case packing,

because their special requirement and wooden case can protect the goods very well.

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