What is a 44x72 window?

A window with 44x72 size (3'8" x 6'0") is a pre-designed standard sized window, which stands for 44 inches wide and 72 inches high for rough opening and the window size is 1/4 or 1/2 smaller than the rough opening, that the real dimension should be 43.75x71.75 or 43.5x71.5 for the real window size. Windows of 44x72 are commonly seen standard size windows, which fit most of the openings. Standard sized windows are usually cheaper than customized windows, as suppliers could be easier to manufacture and store.

China WDMA 44x72 Window Dimension Table

Name Compatible R.O. Width R.O. Height Real Window Width Real Window Height Application In Stock at Store?
44x72 Window 3860 Window 3'8" 6'0" 43.75 or 43.5 inches 71.75 or 71.5 inches New Construction / Remodeling / Replacement Yes
44x71.5 Window 43.5x72 Window 3'8" 6'0" 43.5 or 43.25 inches 71.5 or 71.25 inches Living Room / Kitchen / Bedroom Yes
44x71 Window 43x72 Window 3'8" 6'0" 43.75 or 43.5 | 42.75 or 42.5 (inches) 70.75 or 70.5 | 71.75 or 71.5 inches Picture / Single(Double) Hung / Casement Yes

What size is a 3860 window?

A 3860 window does exactly mean 44x72 window, that is 3-feet 8-inches wide by 6-foot 0-inches tall. Looking for a 3x6 window?

Can I buy a 44x72 window sash for replacement only?

No. We sell whole window system including sash and frame.

Introduce our 44x72 aluminum window factory below.

Custom your 44x72 windows: Standard Systems or Made to Measure and Custom Grille Designs.

We have a wide selection of standard-sized windows, including 44x72 replacement windows and difficult to find sizes in stock. In additon to a standard system sized of 44x72, we accept custom dimensions and grilles according to your house requirements. Contact us before placing an order.

Want 44x72 frame only?

Yes, you can order 44x72 window frame only without glass. And you can buy 44x72 window glass only from us. You need to install glass yourself on your instruction site.

Performance Glass of Dual and Triple Glaze Options:

Energy efficient dual glazed Low-E tempered glass is standard on all wdma window systems for better performance and to keep a low U-value.

How much is a 44x72 window?

China WDMA tries to provide the most cost efficient pricing to our clients as we have cooperate with over 20 different scales of factories and we provide the Best Price Guarantee to you.
A 44x72 window equals to 2.0439936 square meters.

  • For thermal break aluminum window, the basic price ranges goes from $72.5 to $325 per square meter. So a 44x72 aluminium window prices from $148.189536 to $664.29792 USD.
  • For wood window, it goes from $ 195.5 to $ 585 per square meter. So a 44x72 wood window prices from $399.6007488 to $1195.736256 USD.
  • For vinyl window, it starts from $ 60 to $ 289 per square meter. So a 44x72 vinyl window prices from $122.639616 to $590.7141504 USD.
  • However, the final pricing depends on the specification on window frame, glass and hardware options and others. To caculate your own price, please Request a Free Quote.

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