What is a 44x54 window?

A window with 44x54 size is a pre-designed standard sized window, which stands for 44 inches wide and 54 inches high for rough opening and the window size is 1/4 or 1/2 smaller than the rough opening, which should be 43.75x53.75 or 43.5x53.5 for the real window size. Windows of 44x54 are commonly seen standard size windows, which fit most of the openings. Standard sized windows are usually cheaper than customized windows, as suppliers could be easier to manufacture and store.

How much is a 44x54 window?

China WDMA tries to provide the most cost efficient pricing to our clients as we have cooperate with over 20 different scales of factories and we provide the Best Price Guarantee to you.
A 44x54 window equals to 1.5329952 square meters.

  • For thermal break aluminum window, the basic price ranges goes from $72.5 to $325 per square meter. So a 44x54 aluminium window prices from $111.142152 to $498.22344 USD.
  • For wood window, it goes from $ 195.5 to $ 585 per square meter. So a 44x54 wood window prices from $299.7005616 to $896.802192 USD.
  • For vinyl window, it starts from $ 60 to $ 289 per square meter. So a 44x54 vinyl window prices from $91.979712 to $443.0356128 USD.
  • However, the final pricing depends on the specification on window frame, glass and hardware options and others. To caculate your own price, please Request a Free Quote.

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