What is a 30x79 door?

A door with 30x79 size (2'6" x 6'7") is a pre-designed standard sized door, which stands for 30 inches wide and 79 inches high for rough opening and the door size is 1/4 or 1/2 smaller than the rough opening, which should be 29.75x78.75 or 29.5x78.5 for the real door slab / frame size. Doors of 30x79 are commonly seen standard sized doors, which fit most of the openings. Standard sized doors are usually cheaper than customized doors, as suppliers could be easier to manufacture and store.

Do you have a 30x79 screen door to match this one?

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What is a slab? What is Pre-hung? Which one should I choose?

A Slab Door is one rectangular door slab only of wood, no frame, no hinges and no hardware. While a pre-hung door means a slab + frame + hinges + hardware, all you need is a rough opening(RO - a hole in a framed wall for the door). If your current door frame is warped or damaged or you are installing an exterior door, prehung is our highly recommended than a slab.

What is a pre-primed door? Should I choose Prefinished, Primed or Unfinished?

Primed door means the door has been primed before it leaves the factory. Pre-primed door a balanced choice of prefinished and unfinished and you can paint it in your desired colour without having to sand and prime yourself.

Can this size of 30x79 door be made into a flush door?

Yes, flush or panel styles.

How much is a 30x79 door?

China WDMA tries to provide the most cost efficient pricing to our clients as we have cooperate with over 20 different scales of factories and we provide the Best Price Guarantee to you.
A 30x79 door equals to 1.529124 square meters.

  • For thermal break aluminum patio door, the basic price ranges goes from $72.5 to $325 per square meter. So a 30x79 aluminium patio door prices from $110.86149 to $496.9653 USD.
  • For wood door, it goes from $ 195.5 to $ 585 per square meter. So a 30x79 wood door prices from $298.943742 to $894.53754 USD.
  • For steel door, it starts from $ 60 to $ 289 per square meter. So a 30x79 steel door prices from $91.74744 to $441.916836 USD.
  • However, the final pricing depends on the specification on door frame, glass and hardware options and others. To caculate your own price, please Request a Free Quote.

    Specification Table Demo 1 - WDMA 30x96 Door (2ft6in by 8ft) Exterior Smooth Fiberglass Impact Door 8ft Full Lite With Stile Blackstone

    ||SKU::DOORSIZE-30x96-18304||Brand::WDMA||Condition::new ||Door Model::Blackstone ||Application::Exterior ||Grain-Texture-Pattern::Smooth ||Glass Texture::Decorative Glass ||Glass Thickness::1 inch ||Door Glass Type::Triple Glazed ||Lead Time (business days)::2 to 4 weeks; Pre-finished additional 2 weeks ||Material::Fiberglass ||Approvals::HVHZ Impact Rated Doors, Miami

    Specification Table Demo 2 - WDMA 30x80 Door (2ft6in by 6ft8in) Exterior Mahogany Front Single Door Radius Lite with Casting Glass

    ||SKU::DOORSIZE-30x80-18064||Brand::WDMA||Condition::New ||Approvals::FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) ||Application::Exterior ||Grain-Texture-Pattern::Mahogany ||Lead Time (business days)::6 Weeks |add 2 weeks for Prehung |add 2 weeks for PreFinish ||Material::Wood ||Pick up Location Zip Code::No pick up Available||Thickness (inch)::1 3/4 ||Warranty::1 Year Limited Warranty (Score: 20%) ||Glass Texture::Art Glass

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