Jun 21 , 2020

ChinaWDMA  Project Of Thermal Break Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows


Tilt turn windows are getting popular due to its multifunctional use and practical design. ChinaWDMA project of thermal break aluminum tilt turn windows is locate in California, USA. It features top quality thermal break aluminum profiles with thickness of over 1.4 mm to provide great energy efficiency. We offer double pane insulated glass as our standard options. Laminated glass or triple glass is optional if the project requires higher performance need. Germany brand hardware provides good security and durability for the entire windows.

 Tilt turn windows are from Europe and getting popular. The windows have two ways of opening. When you turn the handle 90 degrees, the windows swing open inward like a door, it’s an casement windows with the maximum ventilation. When we turn the handle 180 degrees, it’ a hopper window that opens from the top. When it rains or you want small amount of ventilation, you could use the tilt mode. Therefore, tilt turn window are easy to operate and offer ventilation even on rainy hours.

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ChinaWDMA  Project Of Thermal Break Aluminum Tilt Turn Windows

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