Dec 22 , 2020

The first internal training session of The ESWDA was successfully held


On December 20, 2020, "The ESWDA First Internal Training Conference" hosted by the ESWDA was successfully held in the multifunctional hall on the third floor of Window Expo City. A total of more than 70 heads of alliance member companies and brand promotion department managers participated in this training. The theme of this training is "Building Brand Core Competitiveness".

The meeting was chaired by Xiong Yunlin, Deputy Secretary-General of the ESWDA.

Zheng Haifeng, Vice Chairman of The ESWDA and General Manager of Shandong LVDUN Windows, addressed the meeting. He pointed out that this alliance's internal training conference is the first training of the alliance's internal training conference, which aims to "make up for shortcomings, promote progress, increase strength, and improve brand awareness". I hope that all the participants can conscientiously summarize and apply the knowledge learned during the training process to practical work.

The special lecturer Yang Qingfeng of the alliance gave a special training "Brand Premium". He interpreted the definition of a brand from a macro perspective and specifically analyzed the current brand status of the home furnishing industry, the importance of brand value, brand premium, brand communication, and other related content.

Lv Shiwei, Propaganda Supervisor of Window Expo City Operation Center and Editor-in-Chief of, gave a special training "Brand Communication Power is also a Core Competitiveness". He combined the current problems of alliance member companies in the process of brand promotion, from the perspective of actual combat, from the perspective of brand audiences, brand carriers, elements of brand communication, operation of self-media platforms, and difficulties and pain points in the process of brand communication, etc. Do specific analysis and specific operations with everyone. At the same time, he also gave a detailed introduction to and demonstrated and interpreted various sections of the online window expo, member websites, news information, and talent recruitment.

The main target group of this training is the member companies within the alliance. The purpose is to enhance the brand awareness of the alliance member companies, recognize the importance of brand promotion, master the practical skills of publicity and promotion, and provide assistance for the development of member companies.

Training classroom scene
The first internal training session of The ESWDA was successfully held

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