Mar 27 , 2022

What Type of Material is Best for My Screen Door?


What Type of Material is Best for My Screen Door?

A screen door provides good protection and keeps insects or mosquitoes outside your homes. With or without your doors open, screen doors function well as part of accessories for doors, mostly for the front door or rear door. Buying a good screen door with the best material is just something you cannot miss for a comfortable home because screen doors itself is an important investment for homes.

Benefits of Screen Doors

The No.1 benefit of screen doors is to keep the insects away. No doubt that you hate to see ants crawling into your home to ruin your stuff or any mosquitoes coming from nowhere give you a sudden bite when your doors are open, those situations cannot be more annoying. Not many people would like to spend precious time struggling with ants, bugs, or mosquitoes. Those unwanted surprises don’t have to happen on the condition that you have a screen door, which gives you great protection from insects or any mosquitoes.

The second benefit of screen doors is to provide amazing natural ventilation. With the door closed, the house becomes stuffy. Even you turn on the air condition, how can electrically-made wind provides a better feeling than natural wind. However, if you open the door, the wind is sometimes too much strong for ventilation and you would rather keep it closed! That’s the time you realize a screen door is right good enough for proper ventilation. The natural wind won’t be strong and the air won’t be dull with the door closed while you keep the screen door open.

The other benefit of screen doors is to provide added security. Besides the security that do themselves have provided, the installation of screen doors is like updating your security level for the doors. Some screen doors can even have locks, like a real door. When you close the door while keeping the screen doors open, worries like small children climbing outside or pets running wild are less likely to happen. You could now watch your TV or read a newspaper without keeping your attention on the door.

Types of Screen Doors

There are several types of screens doors you normally see on the market. Each kind has its own features and matches the corresponding door type.

Screen Doors for Hinged Doors

These kinds of screen doors are made for hinged doors. Screen doors for hinged doors are one of the most common screen doors you see everywhere. It functions as an extra small door with a net. You push the door open and lock it like your hinged doors. Screen doors for the hinged door are easy to install and cost reasons. Most homeowners install and replace it themselves.

Screen Doors for Sliding Doors

Sliding doors usually have two or more sashes. A screen door for a sliding door normally has fewer sashes than the sliding door itself. For instance, a two-sash sliding door may only need a one-sash screen door and a four-sash screen door might need two or perhaps one sash screen door. But it all depends on how many sashes will be more practical and suit your needs. Those screen doors slide on the track of sliding doors. They slide to open and you slide it on the side when you don’t need it.

Retractable Screen Doors

Retractable screen doors are different from common screen doors. Similar to a retractable screen for windows, it can be stretched in and out from a spring-load casing in the door frame. It was positioned either on the top of the door frame or the side of it. When you close it, it is stretched inside the frame with the spring, it is invisible because it disappears just like there is no screen door at all. When you open it, it is stretched out to form protection. However, retractable screen doors tend to cost more while less strong due to their design. Still, they are a good choice with their flexibility.

Other Types of Screen Doors

In a creative and highly-technology society like today’s world, you won’t be surprised to see another creative design for screen door. It is interesting to see and know some new types of screen doors as long as it at least provides the essential of screen doors. You are not going to buy a screen door like buying a plant, simply for decoration. Functions do matter.

Best Materials for Screen Door

Like there are many materials to make a door, there are also many materials to make a screen door. Each kind features a different feeling and matches different doors and various housing styles.

Wooden Screen Door
Wood can be made for the door frame, the same goes for a screen door. Wood-like pine, oak, mahogany, teak are also good materials to make a wooden screen door to make your door more attractive. Like a wooden door, a wooden screen door brings nature to your home and has a unique appeal. Wooden screen doors usually cost higher than other types but still, they are a good and long-term investment for the home. Pinewood is a bright and beautiful wood and costs more reasonably. That’s why many people like to have pine wooden screen doors.

Aluminum Screen Door
Aluminum is durable, easy to manufacture and budget-friendly, making it a popular choice for door and screen doors. Aluminum is a strong material, so the screen door made of it can have a longer lifespan and requires less maintenance. Not only can aluminum be powered coated finishing into diverse colors to allow you a wide range of color options, but it can also be further finished with wood grain finishing to have a simulated wood grain on the surface to match your wooden doors. The stimulated grain looks like real wood and could last for ten years without fading. This is to say, the aluminum screen door is an excellent match for your aluminum doors and also a good choice for your wooden door and maybe also other doors.

Steel Screen Doors
The steel screen door is very strong. Many anti-theft doors or screen doors are made of steel. Normally, steel screen doors are something strong but not something beautiful or appealing. If your area needs extra protection on security, a steel screen door can be a good choice. You can even install a lock to make it safer.

Other Types Screen Doors
They can be made of fiberglass, vinyl, or other kinds. Each door manufacturer might recommend different screen doors as that is their top product for screen doors.
With so many options for screen doors to choose from, most homeowners prefer to buy a screen door that is made of the same material (or similar material) as the door. That makes sense. It matches perfectly well, looking harmonious. When buying screen doors, be sure to check their strength and durability and the harmony with your door. Among the popular screen door materials, an aluminum screen door is the best cost-effective and of good performance. In most cases, aluminum screen doors excel others and are favored by many homeowners and builders. If all factors are considered aluminum is the best material for screen doors, in general.

What Type of Material is Best for My Screen Door?

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