Apr 07 , 2022

What is Considered a Standard Sliding Glass Door Size?


What is Considered a Standard Sliding Glass Door Size?

Most openings are designed for standard sizes, which makes it for the house owners easier to purchase and install them than custom-built sizes. Sliding glass doors have always added appeal to your house, bringing exterior space and view and inviting a great amount of air and sunshine in. Many house owners would like a sliding door for their kitchens or gardens or balconies. A standard sliding glass door size is not one certain size but comes in several sizes. Knowing some standard sliding glass door sizes helps a lot when you plan to buy new sliding glass doors or do remolding for your old sling glass doors.

Two-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

Two-panel sliding glass doors are the most commonly seen sliding glass door type, you might see them in kitchens or rear doors to the gardens. They are either two movable panels or one fixed panel with a moveable panel. Two-panel sliding doors are good to operate and install, adding a different appeal to the house.

The standard size of two-panel sliding glass doors is 80 inches ( 2438.4 mm)tall, and 72 inches (2195.56 mm) wide. If it is shorter, the width might be 60 inches (2194.56 mm); if longer, might be 96 inches (3291.84 mm). When the width gets longer, it can be heavier to push it to open. Proper width is good for use, and no doubt, easier installation and further repairmen.

Three-Panel Sliding Glass Doors

If your opening is wider, you may need a three-panel sliding door to add more aesthetics to your home. Rather than just simply one more panel on the base of two-panel sliding glass doors, three-panel sliding glass doors offer more design options. Three-panel sliding glass doors have more space for fresh air and warm sunshine when compared with two-panel sliding glass doors. You are not likely to keep all three panels movable, applicable yet unpractical since the door must at least take up space of one panel. However, you do have more choices to design how many fixed panels or movable panels.

The standard size of a three-panel sliding glass door is 80 inches ( 2438.4 mm)tall, and 108 inches (3291.84 mm) wide. If it’s wider, it can expand to 144 inches (4389.12 mm). A 144 inches-wide three-panel sling glass door is big with heavy glass and requires good quality hardware to ensure its security. No doubt that three-panel sliding glass doors are heavier, therefore they are more difficult to install or replace, but still a good investment for a house. If possible, go with a three-panel sliding glass door for a better view and more sunshine.

Four-Panels Sliding Glass Doors

If there is much space you need to cover, like the wall-to-wall space, you may need a four-panel sliding. A big sliding door like this can offer glass doors numerous sunshine and amazing view, which you might it in a high-end house or commercial housing like a luxury hotel.

The standard size of a four-panel sliding glass door is 80 inches ( 2438.4 mm)tall, and 144 inches (4389.12 mm) wide. If it’s wider, it can expand to 196 inches (5852.16 mm). A four-panel sliding glass door 196 inches wide is enough to cover the space from wall to wall, creating a full-glass view and 100 percent brightness for the room.

Sliding Glass Door Heights

The standard height for a popular sliding glass door is 80 inches ( 2438.4 mm)tall. 80 inches is right good enough for both passing by and for aesthetics. 82 inches (2499.36 mm) is another standard height for sliding glass doors. If you want higher, it can go to 96 inches (2926.08), which is close to 3 meters.

What If My Sliding Glass Doors Are Not in Standard Sizes?

You might have problems like what if my sliding glass door is not a standard size? Although many openings are made in standard sizes for standard size doors, you need to look for help from a door expert when your situation is different. A door expert can come out with some possibilities to help you get a standard size sliding glass door or can help you get a custom-built size sliding door to perfectly match your opening.


The size of the sliding glass door is a key factor that affects how much the cost is. The standards sizes of a sliding glass door can be different due to the different spaces you want to cover. The cost of a sliding glass door can vary with the sizes after you have decided on the door frame material. You can choose to have a two-panels, three-panel, or four-panel sliding glass door, which depends on your door size and your preferences.

Among all the sliding glass door types of the same height, two-panel sliding glass doors have the most affordable price. If you decide to keep only one panel movable while the other one is fixed, you will have friendlier pricing. The more panels that a sliding door has, or the longer a sliding door is, the more price the buyer is supposed to spend. The same rule goes for more moveable panels. The fewer movable panels, the lower price you will have to spend and the more budget can be saved. Since it’s not likely to adjust the opening, it makes sense to change the numbers of movable panels based on your budget.

What is Considered a Standard Sliding Glass Door Size?

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