Dec 18 , 2022

What is a Pre-hung Door?


What is a Pre-hung Door?

A pre-hung door is made in the factory by the manufacturers, and when bought, it is ready for installation. These doors usually come as a whole package though they also have room if you need to add more features to customize it to your liking.

When do you Need to Replace Your Doors?

The doors in your home are often people's impression of what the rooms look like. However, with time, the decorative and functional functions of the door can wear down and become an ugly piece in your interior. As a consequence, drafts and a reduction in your door's appealing nature become inevitably visible, and thus this will necessitate a replacement. The following are reasons to replace your door to ensure that they are at their maximum performance-wise.

• Doors no longer serve their function.

When you have difficulty locking, opening, or closing your door, that is the number one sign that you need to replace it. Entries need to operate without a strain on both you and the door.

• Doors are falling apart as you see them.

They say the eye test is usually the most accurate for home alterations. For example, looking at your door and being honest about how you feel about its appearance will tell you if it needs to be replaced. Issues like cracking, peeling, and warping are what you should be looking at during consideration. Although staining or painting the doors can bring them back to life for a while longer, not all entries, that as the wooden doors, can be fixed up with few adjustments; thus, they will need a total replacement.

• An old-fashioned type of door

Always remember that something vintage, or retro, is dissimilar from an outdated door. For a door to be ancient, it no longer serves its purpose in standard and modern homes, for different types and styles of doors have replaced them and are more effective.

• Uncomfortable home due to dated doors

Draughty doors are bad as draughty windows. This is because it not only forms an uncomfortable vibe for anybody relaxing and lounging by the door but is also not good for you financially. Dated doors will expensively contribute to high energy bills monthly due to the chilly air it feeds into your home.

• Noisy doors

Doors usually produce some noise when they are being opened or closed hard. There is nothing unusual with that. However, when entries become old with no maintenance, the noise becomes louder and even cringy as it no longer blocks noise from the surroundings. This causes so much destruction when you try to sleep, relax or even work from home; thus, the door needs to be replaced.

• Small problems becoming widespread

In addition to not having to struggle while opening or closing a door, homeowners must pay close attention to minute issues that tend to become pronounced with time. For instance, when you notice subtle evidence of pest infestation, calling a pest controller will only be a short-term solution or a problem carried forward. Termites and other pesky pest infestations are important signs to consider replacing your door.

Pre-hung Doors Pros and Cons


• Ready to mount, weather conditions-tight door

• Easy door installation

• Hinges are not required to be joined securely

• Pre-cut holes for the door knob and the strike plate


• It needs a lot of money, likened to a slab door

• At least two people are needed during the installation

• Weighty, large, and rigid to move

• In case of incorrect installation, the door may not swing properly

• The door frame is fragile before installation

• Requires modifications to fit properly

Types of Pre-hung Doors

Three types are guaranteed to fit into your design perfectly, depending on your readiness or preparedness to install the pre-hung doors. These types include:

• Assembled – This model is ready for installation with the verticals already set to the hinges and the doorstop. Also, it already has a door lock. So the only thing you need to do is to install the door in the already provided door opening.

• Partially assembled – Here, a few door apparatuses are loose and separate, so you must set them yourself. Generally speaking, there is not much work to do either, but this will be determined by the model of the door you choose for your home.

• Knocked down – This door model comes with its parts cautiously packaged to avoid damaging the god during transportation. With this type, there is a lot of work because you must first put the separate pieces together before mounting your door to the created space on the wall. Remember that the hinges, jams, and locks are separately packed.

Materials Used for Pre-hung Doors

There are plenty of materials to choose from for a pre-hung door type. The materials include:

• wood

• fiberglass

• metal

• vinyl

Pre-hung Doors vs. Slab Doors

The main difference or the most noticeable feature that differentiate a pre-hung and a slab door is that a pre-hung door is a complete door bought from the manufacturer and is ready for installation. In contrast, a slab door is only a rectangular piece of slab made of wood, steel, or fiberglass, and it is sold without any hardware, frame, or hinges.

Ultimately, there are many reasons to consider before choosing a particular type of door over another, including your level of comfort working with the tools for the door, personal preference, and the purchase cost.

Below are some of the features that tell apart a pre-hung door from a slab door:

Pre-hung Door Features

• includes a door slab

• includes a frame

• includes attached hinges

• includes hardware

• door knob hole is pre-cut

• hard to move the structure that is flimsy before installation

• expensive compared to a slab door

• comes ready to install

• weather resistant

• comes already finished

• a difficulty may be experienced during installation

• most preferred option when constructing a new structure

Slab Door Features

• includes a door slab

• frame not included

• hinges not included

• hardware not included

• pre-cut hole for door knob not always included

• can be moved easily, for it has no edges to deal with

• cheaper in comparison to a pre-hung door, but additional materials will be purchased

• door prep time needed before installation

• most preferred option when doing a replacement to an existing door

• not instantly weather tight

• easy to work with and during installation

• sanding, painting, or staining will be needed to finish it

The bottom line is that deciding to have either a slab door or a pre-hung door comes down to your budget, needs, and who will install the door. Professional installation is usually recommended unless you are very handy and know your way around the experience and tools to be used.

What is a Pre-hung Door?

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