Oct 30 , 2022

Types of Glass for Front Door


Types of Glass for Front Door

Your home’s front door is the first thing visitors notice when they come to your house. It, therefore, creates a lasting impression, and you'd hate for it to be a bad one. Apart from its aesthetics, the front door also has to guarantee the safety of your home's occupants. This is where the material comes in. Glass is an excellent material for your front door. So, what types can you choose from, and what are the available designs? Keep reading to find out more.

Textured Glass

Having grown accustomed to transparent Glass, textured Glass is a pleasant variation. It enables you to keep your home private and, at the same time, gives your front door a stylish design. You can find textured Glass in different varieties such as ripple, glazed, beveled, water, and frosted Glass.

Insulated Glass

If you live in a cold climate area and are worried that a glass door won't protect you from the harsh cold, think again. Insulated Glass is made by binding two or more sheets of Glass and putting dry air in the space between them. A front door made of insulated Glass provides thermal insulation to your home, helping you lower your energy consumption.

In addition, this Glass also aids with sound insulation, improving the acoustics in your entryway. The Glass also offers extra security as breaking it is hard.

Stained Glass

Nothing gives your home a feel of beauty and elegance more than a stained glass front door. It has unique light patterns upon impact by the sun's rays. It brings a pop of colour to your entryway and brightens it up.

Stained Glass is obtained by combining Glass and lead. During this process, glass pieces of different sizes and colours are used. A copper foil binds the pieces. Stained Glass is often combined with wood to achieve a vintage look when used externally.

Clear Glass

Clear Glass is the most common type of Glass. While clear glass doors do not offer much privacy, they look stylish, all thanks to their clarity. Often, clear Glass is used for decoration purposes on doors made of more solid materials like wood.

Clear Glass offers the best views of the exterior without distorting colours. Because of the low iron content of the clear Glass, it has minimal reflective properties, thus allowing maximum entry of natural light.

Besides, it provides more heat gain, making it an ideal front door material if you reside in a cold climate area. You won't need much artificial lighting for the reception area with a clear glass front door.

Toughened Glass

Toughened Glass has many applications in doors, glass partitions, and automobiles. It has undergone special treatment to increase its resistance to breakage and high temperatures.

The primary benefit of this glass type is that it guarantees more safety compared to ordinary Glass. It rarely breaks, but it disintegrates into harmless granular chunks when it does. Therefore it poses no actual danger to the people around. Also, despite its tough nature, it is still clear, giving you outside views.

Frosted Glass

If you are keen on maintaining a clean home, consider frosted Glass for your front door. This type of Glass is easy to clean; therefore, maintaining it isn't hard. It allows you privacy in your home while letting in sufficient sunlight.

Frosted Glass is also known for its insulation properties. On a hot day, it lets in sunlight without getting too hot, and on cold days, it blocks out the cold. as a result, you save on your monthly energy costs.

Glass front door options

Everyone talks about furniture pieces, paint colors, and other interior design elements, but very few people pay attention to glass front doors. Because it is the first and last part of your house that visitors will see, it is the perfect spot to make a statement.

Here are some options for your front door you can try out:

Single door

A single door would be most appropriate if you have a smaller home. They are the most popular front door option. They are the smallest of all the other options and the most affordable. Single doors are also safer than the other options, as when you lock them, you can securely latch them onto the sturdy mainframes.

Double doors

A double door would look great in a larger home. Besides giving your home a feel of grandness, they are practical too. Because double doors have larger openings, you can easily bring in and take out the furniture. You should, however, remember that these doors may need regular adjustments as the point of intersection for the two doors isn't sufficiently supported.

Glass door with sidelights

Suppose you want to make your front door more stylish while still ensuring sufficient natural light gets into your home. In that case, this option is the way to go. Glass is an aesthetically pleasing material and instantly makes your door elegant. The sidelights can be in any style and color of your choice and serve to complement the appearance of your entryway.

Oval Glass

If you are going for a timeless and classic design, the oval Glass will help you achieve that. The design features an oval piece of Glass attached to the front part of a wooden door frame. Customizing this design is easy as the wooden part is available in different textures and colors.

Rustic Doors

Rustic glass doors are often paired with distressed or brushed wood frames that enhance their early 80s vibe. These are among the most versatile glass front door types, as they can complement a farmhouse or modern home aesthetic.

Craftsman Doors

This front door design features glass panels installed in the door’s upper third. Typically, the lower section comprises a molding, thick trim, or flatwood panel that makes the door stand out. Craftsman doors have a simple design but can also be customized t suit your needs.


People can judge your home just by looking at your front door. Therefore, ensure it is a conversation starter whenever visitors leave your house. Fortunately for you, there are different glass options you could use for your front door to bring out the best in your home. However, before you choose a particular type of Glass for this part of your house, ensure it is functional and complements your home style.

Types of Glass for Front Door

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