Oct 30 , 2022

Types of Glass Doors for Patio


Types of Glass Doors for Patio

In addition to improving the aesthetical appearance of your home, selecting the right patio door helps improve your home's value. Are you shopping for a patio door for your new or old home? This guide outlines the different types of patio glass doors and discusses their benefits and available options under each type.

Different patio door options

Traditionally, there are two major types of patio doors: sliding and hinged. Both options serve different purposes in your home. The different types of patio door options are discussed below:

Sliding patio doors

Sliding patio doors are soaring in popularity thanks to their affordability, ease of customization, and ease of use. Because these doors do not swing, they leave a lot of usable space in your room. This way, you can place your favorite furniture pieces near the door. Sliding doors are your go-to option if you want to ensure maximum entry of natural light into your home.

Sliding glass patio doors are available in vinyl, wood, and fiberglass, depending on your budget and home needs. Vinyl is the most common option owing to the material's versatility and energy efficiency. The major drawback of these doors is that they are hard to seal. This results in air leakages and escalated energy costs. Furthermore, they are susceptible to rain and wind damage.

Hinged and French patio doors

Commonly known as French doors, hinged patio doors are a classic patio door option. They comprise one or several panels with a large glass sandwiched between them and open by swinging in or out. These doors allow full entry of natural light and provide a fantastic view of the outdoors.

When choosing your hinged patio door, you have the option of a single operable door with a fixed door or just one single operable door if you are going for a more simplified look. French doors are ideal for small openings. You could opt for clear or colored glass to suit your home's aesthetics.

French patio doors, too, have a downside. For starters, they are expensive to install. Also, they aren't suitable for smaller spaces because they open by swinging.

Bi-fold patio doors

Bi-fold patio doors are also referred to as Accordion doors. Instead of swinging sidewards or outwards, these doors open in the middle. For this reason, they are suitable for tiny spaces as they occupy less room. Besides, they allow more natural light in your home as there is no door to cause obstructions.

A disadvantage of these doors is that their initial cost is high. Also, p[erating them can be tricky as opening and closing them requires two people.

Multi-Slide patio doors

Selecting a multi-slide patio door equals creating panoramic views and elegant transitions from the indoors to the outdoors. Since these doors help create larger open spaces, you might consider them if you have a large patio or deck. Multi-slide doors are available in glass and wood. You might want to add a grille pattern to achieve an elegant look.

Here are some important aspects to consider when shopping around for a patio door:

Space availability

Hinged doors will need more space as they open by swinging in or out. Sliding patio doors, on the other hand, leave plenty of functional space around the door as they open by sliding.


Does your patio door guarantee security at night and during the day? For instance, hinged doors are fixed with a deadbolt, making them ideal for patios near busy streets. Sliding patio doors have different locking mechanisms and are perfect for a backyard view. Each patio door option has a different locking mechanism to suit your needs and preferences.

Which patio door option is the most secure?

French patio doors offer the most security. They feature a door set that opens outwards and a double locking mechanism.

Frequency of Use

If you are going to use your patio door often to enter and leave the house, consider a door option that is easy to operate and doesn’t need to be opened fully every time. French does are ideal for such situations as you can open each door independently of the other.


How visible do you want your door to be from across the street? Consider a low-profile model if you want to blend with your surroundings. However, if you want to stand out, you might want to go for a decorative style.


Patio doors can be made from aluminum, vinyl, and wood. Each of these materials has its pros and cons. Select a material that suits your lifestyle needs. No matter your preferred style, always ensure your material of choice can withstand harsh weather elements.

While wood adds natural beauty and warmth to your space, it is prone to weathering and requires regular maintenance. On the other hand, aluminum is durable and low-maintenance but can be very expensive. Vinyl is durable and affordable but may not improve the aesthetics of your home like the other materials.

Which patio door type is the most energy-efficient?

Vinyl-sliding doors are the most energy-efficient door types. This is so because the material has a high energy efficiency and low thermal expansion coefficient. This means it doesn’t contract or expand as much as other materials in response to changes in temperature.


Your home style also matters when selecting a patio door. For a home with a modern aesthetic, go for a simple, sleek door design. If your home has a traditional feel, it could go well with a door with classic details.


If your area experiences a warm climate, consider a patio door that you can open to bring in the fresh air. However, an insulated patio door would be a good place to start if you live in a colder climate.


The prices for patio doors vary, so you should decide how much you can spend on one. As expected, larger doors will be more costly than smaller-sized ones as they use more materials.


If you want to travel the outdoors without leaving the comfort of your room, consider installing patio doors. They provide scenic views of your home's surrounding nature. Whether or not you have a deck or patio, these doors blend with most home styles and décor to create a beautiful space for you and your loved ones. What's more? There are wide varieties in the market, so you can never run out of choices.

Types of Glass Doors for Patio

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