Mar 13 , 2022

Step by Step Guides for Buying Windows from China


Step by Step Guides for Buying Windows from China

Why Should I Buy Windows from China?

As you have done all the great decoration for your new house or renovation house, now it comes to buying windows, another important decision to make. You may have got many offers from local manufacturers and get to know the quality and price for your project, however, sometimes not their offers can always fit your project design and budget or there be some problems in negotiations. Shopping globally is not as complex as before with the advance in technology and shipping. With some essential preparations, you can get your windows delivered home from another corner of the earth.

Buying windows from China has become a new trend, more and more homeowners and builders are satisfied with the quality and budget-friendly pricing when they buy windows from China. Many Chinese window manufacturers provide quality windows and doors with reasonable pricing yet various design. They are familiar with various windows design and their performance, offering diverse options to meet customers’ needs in standard size and custom-made size. If you are looking for guides to buy windows from China, you are now reading the right blog. Here is a step-by-step guide for buying windows from China.

Step 1: Know Your Project & Budget

You need to be aware of exactly how many windows (and doors) and how big the windows you need before contacting any Chinese window manufacturers. For that information, usually, you can find in your CAD project drawing—in which you should find out: the amount, the shape and the size, the location (even suggested frame material and glazing specifications). For window material and glazing options, it could be discussed later. Although you still need to send a CAD drawing for your window manufacturer for a quote, first of all, you need to have a clear mind about the above information so that you can fully prepare for the beginning negotiation with any window seller. Then you need to plan out how much you want to spend on those windows and those. If what the window manufacturers offered is less than your expected budget, that is a fair deal. If not, at least think out how much extra budget you will be willing to add to it when the quality and service are indeed what you are looking for.

Step 2: To Find the Right Window Manufactures

The second question goes for “ Where do I find the right Chinese window manufacturer?”. Well, you go and search online and there are frequently used websites to find some window companies. Check on some websites like,, you can easily find Chinese window providers. You could check on their online stores or even start a conversation with them, just like the way you shop for stuff online, but this time you shop for windows. Check on their stores to find out the exact useful information that helps you decide whether it is a reliable and high-quality window company that you are looking for. You can start to check a few stores to compare the quality and price before you choose one or two of them.

Step 3: Go to Their Official Company Websites

After you have selected some good window manufacturers on those websites, now you want to check on Google and click on their official company website to find out more about the company and make sure it is the exact company you want to work with for your window project. Most Chinese window manufacturers, if able to export windows all around the world, will manage their official websites by offering useful information about their company, products, attractive window manufacturing techniques, and contact information. Then you can start contacting a few manufacturers for discussion of your window projects. You can contact them on the website conversation or ask for an email in case you need to send some attachments for reference. Don’t forget to check on their collection to find out the types of windows that they are good at and how many windows options they can offer.

Step 4: Ask for a Quote

Since you want to know if their pricing is within your budget, you start to send your CAD project drawing to a few window manufacturers for references. Then let them know the design details of windows and doors if you already know the frame material and glazing options, etc., or ask them to provide professional window design if you haven’t had any idea. After you have successfully negotiated with your sellers, you ask for a quote. The pricing might be different if you choose wooden windows, rather than aluminum windows or vinyl windows. Window frame and glazing take up much of the cost. The pricing is flexible and adjustable according to your adjustment in window design. There you decide on the trade term and pricing accordingly. Most window companies usually provide pricing under the term EXW, FOB, DDU, or other terms.

Step 5: Balance Between Quality & Design And Pricing

You might expect a plan like I want wooden windows with double glazing, but it turns out that your window seller suggests you go with wood-clad aluminum windows to match your budgets or other similar situations. To settle on the final design and total cost, you need to negotiate with the seller to go through every detail and come down to the best applicable plan for your window project. Some of the designs may not be as practical or time-tested as you imagine after your window manufacturers offer better suggestions based on their manufacturing experience and technique. It’s good to find a balance between quality & design and pricing.

Step 6: Confirmation & Pay Deposit to Start Production

You have come to the final confirmation of the window design, frame materials and glazing option, and the total price. You need to double-check the CAD drawing to make sure everything on it is just what you agreed on, do not miss any detail or make mistakes on the amount, size, etc. After you have done with checking, you sign on it and could start paying a deposit for the manufacturers to start production, which generally lasts for a month to four months, depending on the scale of your window project.

Step 7: Follow up the Production Progress

Everything about the production is proceeding smoothly. Since the production lasts for months, you could ask your seller to provide photos and videos of the production to help you follow up the production and check if they miss any details. From that information, you can have a clear mind of how the production is going on and know how much time it will take. You can follow up every few days to know the latest development and see if everything goes as planned. If you have other minor changes on a few windows, it’s better to put them forward as early as you can. Don’t wait until all the production is almost done, which is less likely and not wise to change.

Step 8: Pay for Down Payment and Waiting for delivery

As the production is finished, you are required to make the balance payment before the sellers sent your windows on ships. With the deposit you paid at the beginning, your windows are now entirely paid. Your window manufacturer will start to arrange for packing and the arrangement of the container, finally begin the shipping. Shipping usually takes about 20 days to 40 days. But that can’t a problem for any window company with export experience. All you need now is to wait for your windows and start preparing for the installation.

Step 9: Close the Deal & Get Your Windows

When the windows are delivered to you, it’s time to check if they are the same design as your requirement. If all goes right, you could let your window manufacturers know you get the windows and close the deal. Perhaps they also can provide some help on the maintenance or even for the installation. If you are good with the window manufacturer’s product and pricing, you can even write down your testimonials for other buyers’ reference. Or send some pictures to your window manufacturer after you install the windows, so they can have a look at the finished project and be happy with you. Maybe you or your friend will have another window project that needs their help.

Will I Have to Go Through Every Step to My Windows?

Of course not. A smooth window purchase may directly go from pay and get the windows to close the deal, as easy as it can be. A difficult purchase could go far more than just 9 steps, time-consuming and energy-consuming. Therefore, it’s wise to make a good choice by selecting the right window company to cooperate with from the very beginning to the next cooperation. It’s better to choose the right company to cooperate with and keep close contact with it. For more window questions, we are always here and ready to help you out with our professional expertise.

Step by Step Guides for Buying Windows from China

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