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How Much Does a Single Hung Window Cost


How Much Does a Single Hung Window Cost

Keeping your home’s ventilation operational is critical to adding comfort to indoor spaces, and hung windows play a vital role in maintaining pleasant environments while being inside your desired establishment.

Looking to explore before installing single-hung windows is only logical as this decision can go a long way in providing you with the preferred lighting and ventilation along with desirable styles.

It can be a hassle to determine how much your single-hung window is going to cost you depending on the materials, style, size etc.

That’s where we jump in as we’ve lined all the relevant information to help you in deciding what options you have and the budget you should have set aside for your windows.

To make matters more convenient for you, we’ll need to take the plunge and understand everything essential about having hung windows, so let’s jump straight into it.

What Are Single Hung Windows

The single-hung windows, living up to their name, consist of two sashes, which is why they are typically also referred to as single-sash windows. One sash of the single-hung windows is fixed, which only allows light to come in, while the other sash is moveable. Both sashes are placed vertically, and the stationery side is usually the upper one.

Single-hung windows are known for providing ample ventilation while offering plenty of light to come in, along with having fewer moving parts in them to keep things simpler and sophisticated.

Furthermore, single-sash windows offer a budgeted approach to innovating your home look while upholding a tasteful aesthetic for indoor spaces. Apart from that, single-hung windows aren’t just a solution to keeping your pockets heavy, but they are also beneficial in energy preservation which helps you cut costs in energy bills.

Although they do have consequences attached to them as well, such as being a bit of a hassle to clean them since the top sash doesn’t move and is hard to reach sometimes, energy efficiency is still a notable takeaway from having single-hung windows installed in your homes.

To make matters clearer for you, let us take a comparative approach in an effort to make your decision a pragmatic one rather being a cheaper alternative.

Single Hung Vs Double Hung Windows

Before we begin weighing in the case for both types of hung windows, let us quickly establish what double-hung windows basically are. So, as you might have already established from its impression, a double-hung window has two adjustable sashes, and you can slide them up or down with whatever kind of ventilation you’re looking to ascertain.

Right off the bat, the ventilation options in double-hung windows seem clearly superior and make a compelling argument for opting for them. However, let us take each element in order to develop a fair and direct evaluation for both kinds of hung windows.

Single Hung Windows

Comparison Factor

Double Hung Windows


This is probably considered a major downside in having a single hung window since cleaning them requires extra effort to go outdoors to clean the window from the outside, along with having to use steps to clean the upper sash.







Double-hung windows are particularly efficient in terms of maintenance as their sashes can be slid open from indoors and cleaned while staying indoors. The upper sash can also be brought down to clean, so convenience is a clear edge.


The argument for single-hung windows not offering enough ventilation can be argued in favor of them since the airflow from one sash is abundant. However, having a customized ventilation mechanism is a boundary in having them installed.








Apart from offering a larger space for airflow, since double-hung windows have sashes that can turn as well, the customizable process of letting warm and cold air pass through upper and lower sashes simultaneously is preferable for two-storey houses.


Since single-hung windows have one fixed sash, the insulation can be better by having to seal just one sash. Frame designs for single-hung windows are considered more susceptible to blocking heat and air circulation.




Energy Efficiency


As double-hung windows involve greater moving parts, the chances of air leaking through are more than single-hung windows, although it can be minimized through optimal materials.



The single-hung windows are available in sizes as big as two feet wide and three feet tall, but they do offer an economical range for homeowners to have an aesthetic ambiance with stylish hung windows nonetheless.








If homeowners want to go big, it suggests that they’ve already skipped the option to save money and are looking to have an elegant design in their home. Double-hung windows can go up to six feet wide and 12 feet tall.


As we’ve already mentioned, single-hung windows are indeed a cost-effective option due to having less complexity in their functionality.


Their average cost varies from $280 to $605.





Double-hung windows come at a hefty price for the accessibility options that they offer.



Their average cost varies from $310 to $665.

Installation & Costs for Single Hung Windows

The installation of single-hung windows involves a few key decision-makers, which shall be kept in check before getting them installed.

Ready Made & Custom Options

Single-hung windows come prepared in traditional sizes by a variety of companies and really save you a buck on spending on the design. Stylish designs are already there, but choosy buyers should look into having semi-custom orders given for their windows, as most companies have predesigned materials ready to be made to your desired size. Entirely customized options are also there in the market, but prices tend to go up understandably.

Replacement Costs

Although the initial cost of installation is already lower, the replacement brings the prices even further down if the frames are intact.


The cost of your single-hung window installation is also determined by the area of your house it is going to be located at. A higher storey of window placement requires more effort; thus, the cost goes up as well.

Glass Quality

If your aim is to simply put up a budget-friendly window, you can go for a typical Energy Star Rated glass. The classes of Energy Star Rated glass vary in terms of insulation, resistance, and durability. However, decently thermo-regulated glass should do the trick for you.


Now, if we come towards the most basic and significant part of a single hung window installation, the budget is considered king in this matter. Whatever suits your plan, you should go ahead and choose the material. We're going to give you an estimated cost of each material to help you choose.

Average Cost

Standard Vinyl can start from as low as $165 for a unit and touch up to $1500 if you go with custom Vinyl options. Vinyl is the cheapest option you'll get for a single-hung window installation.

Basic wood single-hung windows can start from $310 and finish on as high as $3500 if you desire to have custom wood selections. Wood is the most expensive of all the alternatives in the market.

However, the choice of composite or fiberglass single-hung windows can range from $300 to $2000 between the two options.

Final Thoughts

If you are ever out in the market in search of single-hung windows, make sure to research and compare different vendors. Also, try to keep the above factors in mind to make an informed decision.

How Much Does a Single Hung Window Cost

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