Dec 04 , 2022

How Much Does a Double Hung Window Cost


How Much Does a Double Hung Window Cost?

Researching before you get in touch with the top window contractors around you can benefit you in cutting costs by a margin.

This is why we have just the right information you need to get your double-hung windows installed or replaced anytime without getting heavy on your budget.

The most economical options in the market for double-hung windows start from above the $300 mark. Still, there are various factors involved which would affect your budgets, like the materials used or even the labor costs in your area.

Let us first get to know the product better to pick the best option according to your home needs.

What Are Double Hung Windows

Typically chosen by homeowners who require more space for air ventilation, double-hung windows have two vertically positioned sashes that can be moved up or down.

The functionality of double-hung windows gives them a reasonable edge since the sashes can be opened from either side (upper and lower) or even from both sashes simultaneously.

Their multifunctional features also provide a basis for their enhanced prices than other traditionally used window styles. It is one of the modern era's most commonly used window designs and gains its superiority simply due to adding mobility to the unused sash of a single-hung window.

Last but not least, the air ventilation from double-hung windows is an awesome feature in your home through the top and bottom halves of your window, along with a promising potential for energy efficiency.

Double Hung Window Replacement Costs

Countless homeowners in the United States are susceptible to either replacing an older double-hung window or installing a newly designed one.

If we incorporate the costs for labor, installation, and materials used for the double-hung windows, the average for replacement can be $490.

As we will later discuss in detail, the materials used to make double-hung windows are major indicators of where your budget can be going. The selection of cheaper options can bring you even further down than the average cost. In contrast, the finer alternatives of window materials can take you far from an average buyer of double-hung windows in terms of price.

Most professional window contractors usually charge $25 to $50 for installation labor (may vary depending on location). Still, a major chunk of the cost for double-hung windows is spent on the windows' materials which range from $290 to $615.

An honest tip would be to reach out to the competing window contractors in the area and get a quotation that matches your preferences to go ahead with the best rate offering.

Double-Hung Window Types

We'll discuss certain double-hung window types to finalize your preferred price tag. This would assist you in choosing the most suitable possibility for your home.

The frame material is the first thing to consider when opting for a double-hung window replacement. The quality of the frame material will determine how many bucks the installation will set back.

It is essential to mention here that the size of double-hung windows can be stretched up to a 4x6 feet frame, whereas single-hung windows are limited in their size. Nevertheless, the conventional frame materials will be discussed on average regardless of the size you might have for the windows.

 Aluminium

Although aluminum window frames are not frequently opted for in homely establishments due to a lack of variety, their price certainly puts a charm on their credibility.

However, their inability to sustain energy efficiency compared to alternative frame materials makes them considered not quite often in the homeowners market.

Nonetheless, if you are on a budget, an average of $100-$400 should allow you to have an aluminum frame, not with a unique design but with strong built quality and weather resistance.

 Vinyl

It is by far the trendiest window frame material used commercially and residentially. The reason behind their popularity is their economical prices and lower maintenance for the most part.

A couple of cool features a double-hung vinyl window offers are commendable thermal resistance for increased energy efficiency and traditional wooden profiles in design.

The unfortunate downside is that vinyl wears out with time, but if you can get a double-hung window in a range of $200-$500 that looks costlier than it is, their repetitive buying seems reasonable.

 Composite

Composite window frames are synthetically developed by blending PVC polymers, allowing them to react well to thermal resistance. Their energy efficiency makes them stand out compared to the vinyl frame because their maintenance and durability are close to zero.

Another upside of having composite double-hung windows is having a collection of designs to choose from, which is not the case in aluminum frames.

However, their reliability and diversity in style do come with a price tag, costing you around $500-$800 per window.

 Fiberglass

A tough window frame material option in the market would be fiberglass, as it stands the test of time, weather, and heat. Fiberglass double-hung windows can also be made in various styles for aesthetic purposes.

Yet they are not used that often by homeowners, most probably due to their hefty prices. Although one might argue that the energy efficiency guaranteed by this frame material is worth the price.

In any case, we leave the decision to you as the fiberglass can be bought at the cost of $800 to $1200, depending on the size and design.

 Wood

Since various wood types are available in the market, the costs may differ when we include the size and design in the picture. Even so, the traditional wooden frames can cost $300- $600 per unit.

Although wooden window frames are as classy as they come and have terrific insulation, their performance fluctuations during changes in weather or temperatures allow them to not be as credible as one might think.

The availability of design in wooden frames also allows them to be considered most prominently among homeowners.

Energy Efficient Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows' insulation is considered excellent not by design but by selecting the right kind of complementary accessories. For instance, the weather stripping around the frame increases energy efficiency.

Furthermore, the insulation between the glass panes used in the window frame also greatly contributes to their thermal resistance.

Another undermentioned functionality of the double-hung windows is the ability to maneuver the air ventilation through the upper and lower sashes. It allows warm and cold air to pass through simultaneously and maintains an optimal temperature indoors, saving energy bill costs.

How To Clean Double Hung Windows

An added benefit of having a double-hung window in your home is that you do not have to go outdoors to clean the window.

Since most double-hung windows can turn inwards, the outsides of the window can be cleaned while staying inside the walls and comfort of your home.

How Much Does a Double Hung Window Cost

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