May 05 , 2022

4 Types of Windows: American Windows, German Windows, French Windows, and European Windows


4 Types of Windows: American Windows, German Windows, French Windows, and European Windows

When it comes to window types, many people get confused when they hear these unfamiliar terms for the first time. There are generally four main types of windows you often see on the market, that is: American windows, European windows, French windows, and German windows. Each type has its unique design and characteristics. If you are looking for some information for your new windows or replacement windows, then you should be aware of these main four types of windows.

American Windows

You will have a rough idea about American-style windows if you have seen double-hung windows or crank casement windows, which are two very typical American window types. Double-hung windows slide on a vertical track to offer a flexible amount of ventilation and save inner space. Crank casement windows rotate to open outward, offering obstructed view and a great amount of ventilation. American windows are known for their comfort with elements of nature and represent the peaceful feelings and country style most of the time.

Most American windows tend to use wood as the frame. You can commonly see crank casement windows or double-hung windows made of various wood types. Wooden windows are with unique wood grain, both hardwood and softwood, which are beautiful and close to nature. More importantly, wood is a good insulator, therefore wooden windows are very energy efficient. Wood windows are also time-tested and have resale value for the coming years. You can see many kinds of grilles applied on crank casement windows and double-hung windows. With these beautifully designed stylish grilles, the windows are beautiful. However, instead of designing with modern elements, American windows tend to be more classic.

Another thing that you would like to know about American windows is that they have a nailing fin on the edge of the frame. A nailing fin is a delicate design for easy installation. It isn’t a complex technique that is hard to design, but with it, many efforts on the installation will be saved to make less installation cost in the end.

European Windows

European windows are of various types and come in different designs. They usually apply a good amount of glazing unit to invite much sunshine for a bright house. To make a bigger area for glazing, you need to have a strong profile to support the weight of glazing. Therefore, most European windows are made of an aluminum frame with big glazing. European windows push to wing open and pull to close. European windows tend to open inward, unlike outward-open American crank casements. In this way, you can say European windows are safer and can be installed in more locations.

European windows are more modern than traditional. Bigger glazing naturally makes the house have modern touches. Most of the European windows swing open inward to provide great security and safe easy cleaning. With an aluminum slim profile to make a narrower frame and various color finishes, European windows are good for modern personal housing and commercial housing.

German Windows

German windows are dual functions, as you can see in German tilt turn windows. These windows have two ways of opening with one handle. When you open it inward, the windows swing inside like a small door. When you open it from the top, the windows tilt inside a few angles like a hopper. With two functions, the windows offer more possibilities for the homeowners. You can swing open to its full to enjoy an unobstructed view or open it from the top to have gentle air circulation. With one single window, you are enjoying many possibilities and flexible choices. One thing to note is that German windows usually have no grilles.

German windows are low maintenance and have a variety of designs. As many windows are made of aluminum profile, you don’t need much effort or time spent on painting or something else. Basic regular cleaning is just fine. Aluminum can be finished in over 100 color options. There is no worry about whether it will fit my main housing colors or not.

German windows are energy efficient. Aluminum is not a good insulator, but a thermally broken aluminum profile will remove your worry with a non-metal bar stopping between the aluminum profiles. Besides that, you can choose to fill into gas for your spacer between the dual panes to improve the level of energy efficiency. You can even change the aluminum spacer into a non-mental spacer. There are many ways to level up energy efficiency to meet different needs.

French Windows

French windows have enjoyed popularity for a long history. There are many reasons why people like French windows. Many people like to describe French windows as pretty and elegant and yes, they do. French windows are made of two equal windows, approximately half the size of the openings. They can open inward or outward, which depends on the specific design. Most French windows are rectangle-shaped, however, some of them with an arched or oval top, which makes them more different.

French windows are with various styles of grilles, especially colonial-style grilles to divide the glazing into smaller visual areas. Other types of grilles are also good choices. Most French windows are in white with grilles, so French windows do look elegant and pretty.

French windows are good for big openings. Instead of separating a big opening, a beautiful French window fit just well, saving the effort and cost to adjust the opening. With the wide entry, French windows welcome a greater amount of sunlight and fresh air into your house, bringing more comfort.

French windows are both classic and modern, a good match for many houses. Classic French windows have always been popular for a long history; modern, French windows are good matches for modern housings. If your house has few big openings, let French windows bring it some different feelings for now and in the coming years. They are not that much easy to be out of date!

4 Types of Windows: American Windows, German Windows, French Windows, and European Windows

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