What is a hurricane impact window?

The frame of the hurricane-resistant window is made of high-strength materials, such as aluminum or vinyl. In addition, the impact glass is a composite of glass and other transparent materials, which can withstand the impact of debris and pressure difference in a destructive storm with a continuous wind speed of 50m/s or more without being torn.


There is a difference between tempered glass and impact-resistant glass. Tempered glass is heat-treated glass. During manufacture, the glass is heated first, and then the surface is rapidly cooled. The impact-resistant glass is made by using safety glaze for laminated glass. This type of impact-resistant glass is made by bonding two or more pieces of glass together with a transparent film, and has good resistance to hurricanes.

How can I get the price of hurricane proof doors products?

35 items of hurricane proof doors products were found here and their prices may vary depending on the profiles, hardware, designs and specifications required.

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Do you afford installation services for hurricane proof doors products?

China WDMA hurricane proof doors are custom designed or pre-designed as the standard concept that is the industry standard for North America / Europe / Australia and many other parts of the world. Most hurricane proof doors in North America consist of pre-assembled hurricane proof doors, and the majority of general contractors and hurricane proof doors installers often have experience with this type of installation. So we encourage homeowners / dealers to consider hire hurricane proof doors installers locally. We also have a team of expert hurricane proof doors installers in California, Toronto who can assemble the hurricane proof doors and provide professional hurricane proof doors installation service for you.

hurricane proof doors shipment notice:

Hello My Dear Friend, Starting from April 2021, shipping container are in short supply and ocean freight rates are rising, this situation will continue until August 2021 sincerely to recommended, if you want to ship your hurricane proof doors before the end of July, it is best to confirm the order in May or June. Thank you.

How many hurricane proof doors products in this collection?

35 hurricane proof doors products found in the contemporary modern architectural style of Hurricane Proof Doors on China WDMA.

hurricane proof doors: Options and Replacement?

Available both for New Construction and Replacement.

We sell hurricane proof doors directly to Homeowners / Builders / General Contractors.

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