May 16 , 2021

The ESWDA "Xing Yao Journey" Outdoor Development Activity "Into Xingguan" Was Successfully Held


On May 15th, 2021, the ESWDA "Xing Yao Journey" outdoor activity "Into Xingguan" was successfully held. A total of more than 80 alliance member companies participated in this event.

This event is divided into three parts.

1. Visit Shandong Xingguan Glass Technology Co., Ltd.Shandong Xingguan Glass Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the China-Europe Energy-saving Door and Window Industrial Park in Linqu, Shandong, the capital of the aluminum industry, with a factory area of 66,000 square meters. It is a high-end glass product deep processing enterprise. It is mainly engaged in the development of flat glass deep-processing technology and hollow glass products and supporting facilities.

The company introduced international advanced glass cutting equipment, glass production equipment, production technology, and management system from Europe, and realized intelligent glass deep-processing technology. This production technology has entered the world's advanced ranks. The coated glass and insulating glass produced by the company have reached the international high-end product level.

The company continues to increase investment in technological innovation and product development to meet customer and market needs, promote the high-quality development of China's daily-use glass industry, and create more social value!

2. Outdoor development training


This outdoor development activity aims to "quickly understand, strengthen cooperation, and deepen mutual trust." The three games in this event allowed the six teams to rapidly improve their teamwork ability in the fierce competition, which laid a solid foundation for cooperation between enterprises. Everyone said that they benefited a lot from this outreach event!

3. Yunmen Mountain Tour

After the game, everyone also traveled to Qingzhou·Yunmen Mountain to relieve stress and feel the charm of nature!


Since the establishment of The ESWDA, it has often organized alliance companies to visit major exhibitions and well-known companies to exchange and learn, strengthen cooperation between member companies and advanced companies across China, share development opportunities, and greatly broaden corporate development ideas and horizons.

At the same time, the alliance also actively organizes various outdoor development, tourism to enhance in-depth exchanges, mutual trust, and cooperation among member companies. The ESWDA's role as a bridge and link is becoming increasingly prominent.

The ESWDA "Xing Yao Journey" Outdoor Development Activity "Into Xingguan" Was Successfully Held

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