Aug 05 , 2020

How much does it cost for replacement window in New Zealand?


What are the average cost of replacement windows in New Zealand?

The most concerned factor is price when you are considering replacement windows in New Zealand. The average cost of replacement windows in New Zeland ranges from $ 215 to $ 835 per windows, but it might differ in different areas. For instance, the cost of replacement windows in Auckland might be not the same with Palmerston North.

How much does double glazed windows cost NZ?

A double glazed window usually costs $ 450 to $ 1350 per windows, depending on the sizes, frame materials and specification. Double glazed windows perform well in energy efficiency and sound insulation and strength.

What affects the cost of replacement windows?

A window is composed of frame, sash, glass, hardware and sealing system. Nowadays, most of the suppliers provide double glazed windows for their standard options as they are far more energy efficient than single glazed windows. The key element is the windows. Replacing Wooden window with aluminum in NZ is surely more expensive than thermal break aluminum windows.

What can China WDMA Windows provide for my project in New Zealand?

China WDMA is an association with over 20 manufacturers of windows and doors with different scales of factories, we seek to find out more solutions to meet the unique requirement of your specific projects.

China WDMA offers your project The BEST PRICE.

With cooperation with over 20 different scale of factories, China WDMA is able to provide your project The BEST PRICE. We will match or beat any quoted price to provide the most reasonable pricing to your project with the same quality.

China WDMA offers you more project solutions with full lines of window products.

According to different climates, we suggest wooden windows with aluminum cladding for cold areas like Canada and America and New Zealand. Thermal break aluminum windows for most of the areas like South America and Europe. Aluminum or Upvc windows for Southeast Asia and Africa. We offer full line products of aluminum, vinyl, wood and wood alu-clad products to provide more project solution to you.

China WDMA provides professional service from beginning to ending.

An order might start with asking information about products after he checks on the websites, than the business begins. From beginning to ending, China WDMA offers professional and responsible pre and after sale service to ease your worry of purchasing products from China. More solutions and service at China WDMA at

How much does it cost for replacement window in New Zealand?

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