Who we are?

As you are looking for a reliable Chinese manufacturer to purchase windows and doors for your own house or projects, you probably don’t know much which manufacturers that provide the quality products within your budgets. Here is how WDMA Windows work for its clients. WDMA was founded by an alliance of manufacturers and now cooperate with over 20 factories to provide more flexible possibilities for window projects within their budgetary needs.

Why choose us?

WDMA factories have different product lines to provide variety of windows and doors to meet client's budgetary needs. Based on their specific needs, we offer uPVC aluminum, steel, wood products with delicate design in all style to best match their projects. WDMA has over 20 factories of different scales to provide flexible project solutions to different stages of budgetary need. Our products range from general quality to high-end quality to cover different types of projects. All your projects meet solutions WDMA, where more possibility is going on. We know this is the product you are looking for.

One-Stop Solutions

With over 20 factories of different type and level around China, WDMA devotes itself to providing one-stop solutions for its clients. Our factories scale allows us to provide almost all the various windows types on the market, including upvc, aluminum, thermal break aluminum, wood and wood aluminum cladding. For windows and doors style, we are able to manufacturing them into sliding windows and doors, tilt turn windows, (crank) casement, folding windows and doors, awning and hopper windows, and fixed windows, french windows and door, etc. With various types of factories, WDMA is able to provide various materials windows and doors in classic and contemporary styles to tailor your unique projects.

The Best Lowest Pricing Solutions At WDMA

It’s never difficult to look for quality products when ignoring the budgets. However, in real situations, it is more reasonable that tend to look for the best cost efficiency. With over 20 various scales of factories, WDMA means to bring the products to clients with the best lowest pricing with the same quality of same specifications on frame material, glass type and hardware. Our own factories allow us to offer more project options to meet clients’ different quality and budget needs. We mean to provide more reasonable pricing solutions to achieve the better balance between quality and budget when comparing with most Chinese manufacturers.

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